It’s those solitary moments by the side of the snow capped mountains, vast valleys of sand dunes, gushing white waters of the Indus, pristine lakes spanning across countries, grazing Yaks on lush green meadows, star gazing on a freezing camping night in Adirondacks, when the revelation hits you hard – most of the things we strive for and care about in life are trivial in front of some of the real pleasures on this heavenly piece of rock and the grand scheme of things at the cosmic level.


Be it a trip to Ladakh, a hike in the Adirondacks, a drive in the Rocky mountains of the Colorado, a dive into the coral reefs of Thailand – it is not just a typical journey, it’s a humbling experience that leaves you hungry for more, it’s a wake-up alarm that reminds you life is fleeting away.


This is a journal of those humbling experiences of my life, on this insignificant tiny speck of a rock, where I attempt to live rather than just exist.


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